Welcome to the Leadership Initiative Discussions!

Welcome to the Leadership Initiative Discussion Forum

We’re inspired by the the response from all of you who are involved and taking part in the Leadership Initiative. One consistent request that we’ve received is the opportunity to continue the wonderful discussions and connections in an online space.

Well, we’ve built it, and we’re glad you’ve come.

Introduce yourself below, and let us know a little bit about what discussions you’d like to see in this forum!

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Hi I am Eileen Ellrodt McManus and I am the educational director at Miss Francine Day School II. We have just gotten a second classroom and we will be ECKERSed this year. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Focus on the things that are within your control. Program quality and schedules.

Good afternoon everyone
My name is Annie am excited to be part of this forum !!!

Greetings Ms. Ellrodt

My name is Magaly Mentor and I am the Director of Concerned Parents of Jamaica Early Learning Center. Please get the book All About ECERS which will help you in providing a quality program, and follow lindamleahy suggestion of focusing on things within your control.

Hello All,

My name is Omotola I am a lead teacher at PKA program and this resource is very valuable: http://schools.nyc.gov/Academics/EarlyChildhood/educators/ProgramAssessments.htm

Hi! I am Linda Herman. I direct at Riverdale Temple Nursery School. We have 3 Pre-K classes. We had ECERS come this past year. I did study the book and give it to my Pre-K teachers. We did have meetings about what was accepted. We did okay.
I am struggling with not being so busy and having time to think and daydream.

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I am sorry! I didn’t even introduce myself! My name is Linda Leahy and I am Director of the Greenpoint YMCA Early Childhood Center.

Nice to meet you all! I have all the ECERS books and I am constantly walking around with them. Just nervous because it’s my first ECERS. Been CLASSd twice (once as a teacher, once at my site), we did fine, but the ECERs is a bit daunting!

Hello everyone!
I’m Malikh and I am the Educational Director at HCC Children’s Center. I am excited to join this forum. Looking forward to the discussions!

Hi Everyone! My name is Estee Liuba and I work in a public school preschool classroom. If we could revamp ECERS to include all the classrooms in each site, then I think ECERS would be an ideal assessment. As it stands,it is not a fair representation of the preschool program as a whole and it is also unfair for one teacher to receive a 3 hour long colonoscopy. Everyone should share in the joy.

Hello My name is Anytra Barnes and I am the Ed. Director at a school in Borough Park. I am glad to be apart!

Morning Linda

I am Eileen at Miss Francine Day School in the Bronx. Have you gotten CLASSd yet? That is rigorous! Start now to get the classes ready. Once school starts after your first TSG or Work Sampling, the children have to be broken down to ability groups, I am sure the teachers could use help with that. Enjoy the calm before the storm and prepare.

Hope we both have a great year!


Dear Eileen,
You too have a great year!!!

I am not looking forward to getting CLASSd!!

Much warmth always,

Greetings All,

Happy to join the initiative discussions and be inclusive in the ECE field! I’m coming from a Healthcare Admin background but Educational Leadership and Management is a longtime passion of mines. Eager to be in persuit and learn all about the profession and professionalism!

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa, and I am a group family provider. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this forum. In the words of Sam Cook “Its been a long long time coming but change is going to come” looking forward to great things and opportunities.


Hi Lisa - so great you are a part of the Initiative. You’ve been participating in the network meetings, right? Are you enjoying them?