Using the forum: Help, Tips and Tricks

We’re glad you’ve joined us in our new discussion forum. We think we’ve selected a great software option for hosting these discussions ( but each forum is a little different, and can take some getting used to.

Below are helpful tips and information for getting started on the forum. If you have any questions about how to do anything in this forum software, post them below, and we’ll attach links and give answers to the best of our ability.

If you want to google anything, the forum software is called “Discourse”

Tip number one! Changing your username:

when you are invited, your email address automatically becomes your username, which probably isn’t what you want! You don’t want to change your username much, as that can be confusing, but we encourage you to initially change it to something your colleagues will recognize. A certain period after joining the forum (30 days, as of this post) you won’t be able to change it again without an admins help.

Here’s a little guide:

Changing your avatar. Similar to changing username

  1. click your user icon,
  2. your name at the top of your notifications list.
  3. click “preferences”
  4. scroll down to “Profile Picture”

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Add an image to a post

To post an image in the forum, use the “upload” option. Even easier though, if you can “copy” a screen shot (if your screenshot app gives you a copy/paste option) you can just click in the comment text area and “paste” (right click and paste, control-v or cmd-v for macs) and the image will upload automatically.