From Survive to Thrive Chapter 2: Program Context and Culture

Welcome to the discussion for chapter two of NAEYC’s From Survive to Thrive: A Director’s Guide for Leading an Early Childhood Program! We hope you were able to join us for the February 5th webinar, and have plenty of questions, thoughts and comments from the event.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday for the Chapter 2 Webinar. We heard so many voices, rich with wisdom and encouragement. Many thoughts about culture and climate and how each leader thinks deeply about how they want children and families to feel a part of their environment.

Please help us to continue this discussion. What matters most to you when you consider the climate of your program?

It greatly matter to me that children, families and my staff can perceive and internalized that our center is a place where they are accepted as an individual, encouraged and supported to make progress and achieve personal and professional goals. It matters to me to make people feel welcomed and respected. As a leader I am the first one to strive to project these values. It takes a lot to sell this vision to others, especially when they are not used to this type of environment and grew skeptical of any such attempt. However, when I truthfully and persistently started to project and sell this vision, I did not had to wait too long to star seeing progress in that direction. The hard part has been getting the old staff on board.

Patience and persistence works well, especially when you are following your passion and vision.