From Survive to Thrive Chapter 1: What Does it Mean to be a Director?

We hope you were able to join us for the January 8th webinar discussing the first chapter of NAEYC’s From Survive to Thrive: A Director’s Guide for Leading an Early Childhood Program.

For more about about From Survive to Thrive and our series, visit the series page on our website.

If you didn’t get a chance to download the Note Taking Guide for chapter 1, you can download it here:
Download the Guide as a Word doc
OR Download the Guide as a PDF

Share your responses to the chapter, the webinar and/or the questions or prompts in the note taking guide.

Hi everyone. We hope you enjoy our first webinar today. We look forward to hearing from you about the book, From Survive to Thrive.

What is one takeaway for you from the webinar?

What is one takeaway for you from the webinar?

An affirmation of the Learning Initiative community’s commitment to reflective practice.

One take away for me was that regardless of the role that we play as leaders, or what it requires of us, we all want to and need to feel connected to others. The Leadership Initiative encourages that connection.

Hi everyone - looking forward to our next Webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 8th at 2 PM. We’ll be discussing Chapter 2 of From Survive to Thrive and Program Context and Culture.

Are you thinking about culture versus climate?