Dine & Discuss: Transformation in the Context of Transition Wednesday, June 27th 2018

We hope that all of you found Dine & Discuss: Transformation in the Context of Transition as inspiring and enlightening as we did! We’ve created this space to continue the discussion, and explore your questions. We will be inviting the panelists join the forum, but for any that are unable to join, we will also pass on to them any feedback and questions that we receive from you.

As a reminder, the speakers were:

  • Kara Ahmed, Principal of LYFE Programs at the NYC Department of Education
  • Tonia M. Spence, Senior Director of Early Childhood Services at The Jewish Board
  • Helen Frazier, of Director of Early Childhood at the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
  • Serene Stevens, Lead Coach of the Leadership Initiative at the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
  • Wanda Nedderman, Family Child Care Provider at Sanctuary Family Day Care
  • Hope Lesane, (Moderator) Director of Early Childhood Initiatives at Teach for America New York

Full information about the event is on the Leadership Initiatives events page

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Hi everyone - I was wondering about something I heard during the D & D. I heard someone say, they were being a witness to others’ development? Perhaps this was Serene? Could you say more about this - who were you thinking of in terms of other? Thanks

Hi Laura,

I am a little uncertain of the context of that statement. Do you recall what the conversation was addressing at that moment?

I believe we were discussing how to mentor others when in a leadership role. Someone mentioned the importance of witnessing another’s development and how it impacts their own. Any thoughts about that?

When mentoring someone, I think that it’s important to always keep your mind open to the idea that you are both learning new things. Oftentimes leaders feel like they have to have all the answers, however, growth should continue for leaders, which means that learning should always be taking place. So while a mentor should notice the growth in the mentee, they should also be noting the growth of themselves.